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Continental Underfloor
Continental Underfloor

Continental Underfloor


FlowMaster™ SUPERflex™ underfloor heating pipe – 100m


FlowMaster™ SUPERFlex™ Pipe SUPERflex™ has a bend radius of less than 100mm Supplied in 100m, 150m or 200m coils, 16mm


EasyFix™ tacker gun


Tacker Gun Tool Our Tacker guns provide quick and easy installation of EasyFix™ staples to secure pipes to insulation. For


Edge insulation


Edge insulation 50m roll (12.5mm) In a screed application you MUST use edge insulation and put expansion joints into large

10 Pack – EasyFix™ fit from above AluPlate™


EasyFix™ Fit From Above AluPlate™ EasyFix™ AluPlates™ are installed between the joists, they provide a quick, easy, dry installation, with

builditsmart ufh staples

EasyFix™ 50mm pipe staples (Box of 250)


A cheap, reliable fixing method used to secure underfloor heating pipe onto standard insulation boards. Suitable for all standard insulation


UH8 – 8 zone wiring centre


UH8 – 8 zone wiring centre


therM2™ – App controlled smart room thermostat


therM2™ Programmable Stat, seamlessly connects with our therM2™ app without the need of an additional hub.  Simply install the app,

therM hub

therM™ hub


therM™ hub – enables app control for the therM™ stat.


therM™ programmable thermostat


therM Programmable Stat – App Controlled Thermostats (requires therM hub) Replacing your existing thermostats with a therM app controlled system


HeatMax Plus™ programmable room thermostat


HeatMax Plus™ programmable room thermostat An attractive thermostat with a blue back-lit LED display, this unit is often the choice


HeatMax™ dial room thermostat


HeatMax™ dial room thermostat Provides simple means of individual thermostatic control for different zones of a Continental Underfloor system. Part of the


Heatmax™ 4 zone UFH wiring centre


Heatmax™ UFH wiring centre – Controls up to 4 zone’s

Mixer pump

HeatMax™ large area mixer c/w pump A Rated Pump


HeatMax™ large area mixer c/w pump A Rated Pump Reduces the temperature from your heat source to the efficient temperatures manifold

HeatMax™ UFH manifold


HeatMax™ Manifold (2 to 12 zone) The HeatMax™ manifold distributes hot water around the underfloor heating zones within your floor.

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