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HeatMax™ dial room thermostat

HeatMax™ dial room thermostat Provides simple means of individual thermostatic control for different zones of a Continental Underfloor system. Part of the

therM2 – App controlled smart room thermostat

therM2 app-controlled stat, seamlessly connects with our therM2 app without the need of an additional hub.  Simply install the app,
therM hub

therM® hub

therM® hub – enables app control for the therM® stat.

therM™ programmable thermostat

therM Programmable Stat – App Controlled Thermostats (requires therM hub) Replacing your existing thermostats with a therM app controlled system

HeatMax Plus™ programmable room thermostat

HeatMax Plus™ programmable room thermostat An attractive thermostat with a blue back-lit LED display, this unit is often the choice