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Heatmax™ 4 zone UFH wiring centre


Heatmax™ UFH wiring centre – Controls up to 4 zone’s


UFH Warmboard Overlay Panel 18mm

Info 18mm Depth Warmboard Overlay Panel . 800mmx600mmx18mm With The Overlay Panel, You Can Really Benefit From Tiling And Laminating

60mm Pipe Fixing Clips


Pipe Fixing Clips Suitable for 16mm Pipe.
60mm length – Box of 300


SUPERflex™ underfloor heating pipe – 100m


SUPERFlex™ Pipe SUPERflex™ has a bend radius of less than 100mm Supplied in 100m, 150m or 200m coils, 16mm diameter

10 Pack – EasyFix™ fit from above AluPlate™


EasyFix™ Fit From Above AluPlate™ EasyFix™ AluPlates™ are installed between the joists, they provide a quick, easy, dry installation, with


HeatMax Plus™ programmable room thermostat


HeatMax Plus™ programmable room thermostat An attractive thermostat with a blue back-lit LED display, this unit is often the choice