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Quotations will be valid for 30 days and do not constitute an agreement to perform the service. Only a paid service that follows on from a quote will be considered as validating an agreement. All service terms will be agreed at the time as service agreement terms on the invoice. Quotations will be inclusive of the price of the product and the labour inclusive of VAT and all related charges. A proposed service schedule will be included in the quotation which lays out the time and date of installation where ordered.

Timeframe and delivery dates are for guidance only and we cannot guarantee that the products will arrive on the intended day, nor that the installation will commence at the intended time. At all times we will endeavour to ensure that the agreed dates and times are kept.

The Company commits to ensuring that the service described on the quotation and paid for is carried out in the agreed timeframe.


The recommended retail price for each product is set out in the website and will be the price that you will be charged for that product. Installation prices are set out and can be confirmed by contacting us through the site, by telephone, or email.

VAT will be charged as required. Prices listed are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the end.

If the Company is prevented or delayed from performing any ordered installation service by the actions of the Buyer, its employees or sub-contractors, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £25 per man-hour the work is delayed.


Payments are due in advance in full. No payment will be deemed as being received until such time as the funds have cleared.


We hereby waive any liability to the extent permitted by law, and waive all liability related from the delayed performance of the obligations within any contract that is caused by acts which are outside of our control. We are not responsible for any liability arising in relation to loss of profits or business, loss of goods, loss of anticipated savings, loss of use, any indirect, consequential, special, or pure economic loss, damage, charge, expense, or cost. At all times our liability is limited to the price paid for the Goods and/or for the Services in question.

If any part of these terms or subsequent agreement arising from same are found to be invalid, they will be considered as being severed from the rest of the terms and points, which will all remain valid.

Supplier Terms

All descriptions and quantities of goods will be set out in the quotation and in the acknowledgement of order.

All products will be as described and be unused unless otherwise stated in the ad.

The supplier agrees to provide the goods and services to the buyer within the agreed performance dates.

Any product that is found to be faulty must be replaced free of charge.

Supplier understands any products sold will be to the customer directly and not be purchased by the Company for resale.

Suppliers agree to perform all services and obligations under the contract with a professional level of skill and with reasonable care at all times. All statutory requirements and relevant codes must be complied with at all times.

Suppliers agree to take care of customer’s property in cases of installations, including to endeavour to take care of fittings, floors, ceilings, and walls surrounding the installation area during the installation service.

Suppliers must be registered and in good standing with all relevant organisations for certification and compliance. Where accreditation is not held, suppliers must ensure works are signed off by a building inspector.

Suppliers are responsible for disposing of any waste material responsibly.

Suppliers must hold valid employer and public liability insurance policies.


All ordered goods will be delivered to the address supplied by the customer and will be sent after payment has cleared. Delivery methods are noted in the order process. If any product is undelivered, we will track the order and replace it as necessary through issuance of a credit note.

Customer Obligations

The customer agrees to cooperate with the Company and their subcontractors or representatives within all matters that relate to the service.

Customers agree to provide access to the premises where the instalment is to be made in a timely manner around the agreed timeframe.

Customers will ensure that no one traverses the area of the property where the work is being done, during the duration of the instalment service.

Customers will provide accurate information as it relates to the service and installation area.

Customers are responsible to prepare and to maintain the area where service is to be applied, including removing any debris or other type of hazardous material from the area and clearing the area in full for the service to be facilitated. Customers are responsible for ensuring these areas stay clear during the supply of service.

Customers must inform the Company where they have particular health and safety rules or regulations which apply on their premises, such as the requirement for a hard hat on a construction site.

Where Customers complete their own sub-floor preparations, they must ensure that such preparations meet building regulations, are in line with the Company’s own guidelines, and were laid at least seven days prior to the Company’s installation service.

If Customers are installing their own conduits, wiring, connections, or fittings, they must ensure that those installations were correct and comply with all regulations.

Customers agree to keep persons clear of the area until such time as the Company approves the area for traversing.

Customers are liable for any failure to perform or any delay of the performance of any of their contractual obligations.

Customers understand that they are responsible for any cleaning or redecorating that is required after the service installation is complete.

Tradesman Conditions

Tradesman are required to maintain the proper liability insurance over their work and confirm that same is in place prior to taking any installation.

Tradesman agree to supply the work in accordance with the normal professional standard and to a reasonable end. Tradesman understand that their work must be successful in order to be complete and that they are responsible for completing the installation in a complete, satisfactory manner.

Tradesman will abide by any terms and conditions as stipulated by the Company and as agreed between the Company and the Customer.

Build it smart or any confirmed affiliate are simply linking the product with the correct trades person to install the product. We do not accept any responsibility for the tradesman or the vendor or the products being installed. We are a platform that matches the two and by agreeing to the terms and conditions set you as a customer, seller (vendor) or tradesman ( trades person) accept all responsibility for your part in using our platform

The customer is in agreement with the tradesman when it comes to damaged good or any fault that may happen in the event of the products being collected and installed.


What is the delivery charge?

The delivery charge will be dependent on the product that you order. All delivery fees will be calculated within the order and listed separately on the order ahead of payment.

Where Can I View My Sales Receipt?

Your receipt will be automatically generated by the system upon payment and it will remain in your account to access, as well as be emailed to the email address which you provide.

How Long Will Delivery Take?

Delivery times will be clarified at the time of order, based on the product and your location, as well as the method of delivery (by post or by courier).

What Happens After Ordering?

After we receive your order, we will process it by confirming the product is in stock and then charging your given payment option. Once the payment is confirmed, we will ship the product to you. If an installation is ordered, we will contact you after payment is received to set up or to confirm the installation time.

How Long Do I Have to Return an Order?

Customers have 7 days in which to return an order.

Can I be Reimbursed Through the Same Payment Method?


Will I get the Same Product as in the Picture?


Will ‘Out of Stock’ Items be Restocked?

Where possible we will restock any item that is out of stock, but it is dependent on the availability of the product by our suppliers whether we are able to restock same. Where that is not possible, we will stock comparable merchandise.